Why Move to Washington DC?

If you’re planning to make a move to a new area this year, you’re probably considering which area is the best place to move to in America for you. Whether your top consideration is price, climate, proximity to work, schooling opportunities, or more, knowing where to start in your home search can be a tall order.

Even if you’re an experienced home renter or buyer who has moved long distances before, choosing a new place to live that’s very far from home can be a tough undertaking. Especially if you have children, pets, or other considerations, making the most out of your new neighborhood and state is always a top consideration.

If you’ve considered moving to Washington D.C, but aren’t quite sure if the area is exactly right for you, we’ve got some great reasons why D.C is the place to be.

5 Reasons to Move to Washington D.C

Washington D.C is a much sought-after city with a lot to offer its residents. Between the job opportunities, sports and entertainment, and vibrant social scenes, this city has a little something for everyone.

  1. Washington D.C’s History

A big reason why people might consider moving to Washington D.C is due to its rich history. As the nation’s capital, this area is quite literally full of historical buildings, culturally significant monuments, and tons of museums.

  1. The Culture

As we previously mentioned, Washington D.C is home to some of the biggest and most historically significant museums in the country, including the Smithsonian, the National Air & Space Museum, National Gallery of Art, National Museum of African American History & Culture, the International Spy Museum, and more. Many of these museums are available to view at low cost or for free on some days, and make an incredible resource if you’re looking for something to do for the whole family.

  1. D.C’s Sports Scene

Home to the Washington Capitals, the Wizards, Nationals, and Commanders, Washington D.C is home to several sports teams, and has games going at nearly every time in the season.

  1. The Job Market

Because it’s the hub of all governmental functions in the country, Washington D.C has a thriving job market and a huge amount of growth opportunities for people in many different industries.

Because the median income in this area is much higher than the national average (as is the cost of living), if you find a job in Washington D.C, you’ll probably receive a much higher salary than in other areas.

  1. Outdoor Activities & Green Spaces

Washington D.C is home to a ton of green spaces, biking trails, and tons of outdoor activities to do for the entire family. The city has over 60 miles of biking trails alone, and is home to tons of beautifully landscaped parks and many large gardens, including Potomac Park and the National Arboretum.

Washington D.C. is an amazing place to live and has a little something for everybody. It’s no wonder the area is a huge destination for so many! If you’re looking to move to Washington D.C, look no further than Able Moving Services. We’ll handle your move transparently and professionally, and allow you to have the best and smoothest experience possible.

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