Which Rooms to Prioritize Packing for a Move

Packing up all of the rooms in your home one by one is unquestionably a daunting task and huge chore to take care of when you’re moving house, and is certainly not something anybody wants to necessarily deal with. However, putting it off and not having an efficient packing plan set in place is a huge mistake, and will make your process much bumpier than it has to be. 

When you’re gearing up for a move, it’s important to start early, and have a packing plan and strategy in place so that you’re not just haphazardly throwing things into boxes at the last minute and running. No, you need to have a plan to ensure your efficiency of moving, and to make sure your items are kept safe and not damaged while packing last-minute. 

How to Pack for a Move

When moving you’ll want to start your packing process room by room, and packing things up little by little until it’s all cleared away. So which rooms are the best to start out with? And which items should you leave to pack until you’re ready to go? If you haven’t moved before, or if you’ve never moved with a cohesive plan in place before, we have all of the best tips for how to pack room by room. 

Rooms to Prioritize

As you start packing, you’ll see that it’s best to start with items that you don’t actually need, and whose use you won’t need or necessarily miss while in the moving process. Often, these times are consequently in the rooms that you don’t use much in your home. 

  • Spare Bedrooms

Odds are, you don’t have too much company while in the middle of the moving process, so it’s safe to say that it’s a good idea to pack up your spare bedrooms first, especially if you partially tend to use them for storage. 

  • Attic

Your attic is probably filled with a bunch of stuff that’s either old, that you don’t use, or stuff that you only use seasonally. Though a great space to have, attics are notorious for just becoming a space to throw random stuff. Clear out your attic first, and then pack up the remaining items to take with you. 

  • Garage

Like your attic, your garage can become a dumping ground of sorts for things you might want to store, or for things you might just not know what to do with. Like your attic, clear out your garage first, and then pack up the items within it that are left. 

  • Patios

Patios are mostly just for entertaining or a casual night in, so they’re not essential to your everyday life while in the middle of a move. Don’t leave your patio or sunroom area to the last minute to pack – get that furniture squared away before you have to pack up for your regular stuff!

  • Playrooms

This one might be met with a lot of pushback, but your kids’ playrooms often house a ton of items that can really slow down your packing process if you don’t start early. If your kids protest, you can compromise with them and let them know that you promise to unpack their playroom toys and furniture first at your new home. 

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