Unpacking 101: What to Focus On Post Move

You’ve gotten through it! The effort that goes into packing and moving your entire home and family is no joke, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You just finished a hugely stressful, yet successful process. Though you might not be completely out of the woods yet, you now can kind of take things at your own pace and relax a bit. 

Now that you’re in your new home, you can be comfortable knowing everything is as it should be, and that you can kind of unpack and organize everything however you want – and take as much time as you want! There’s no need to rush into the unpacking process, no matter how much you might want your things to be in order again already. After all, moving is incredibly stressful, and you should take a load off and unpack casually, and at the pace most suited for you. 

Whether you’re unpacking at the speed of light or at the speed of molasses, it’s important to make sure you’re not putting forth more effort than you have to, and that your unpacking process is both smart and efficient. How do you make sure of this? Check out our helpful unpacking tips below. 

Check Your New Home’s Level of Cleanliness

Unfortunately, upon moving into your new home, you might want to clean, or at least give surfaces wipe downs to make sure you’re not moving into a dusty or otherwise not up to par environment. You don’t want to unpack your clean items into a dirty area, after all. Even if your landlord or previous owner says they cleaned prior to your moving in, best to make sure everything is up to your standards before unpacking anything. 

Move Boxes to Rooms of Choice

A super efficient way to unpack quickly (or at least smartly) is by moving (labelled) boxes directly to the rooms the items within will be going into. This will help you to organize your things, as well as plan out your new home. 

Avoid Perfectionism

It’s easy to get that feeling of perfectionism, and wanting to have everything in its assigned space as soon as possible. However, things don’t work like that, and you shouldn’t put more pressure on yourself than you need to. Accept that things will need to be moved around, or otherwise maybe reworked a few times before you truly find a space you like for everything in your rooms and home. 

Unpack Common Areas First

When unpacking, try to unpack high traffic areas like the kitchen or bathroom first. This will let you have your everyday comforts and necessities at your fingers immediately, which will let you relax and not have to live out of boxes for longer than you have to. 

Whether you’re just getting ahead on the packing process and looking for the best strategy to make your unpacking process easier later on, or currently unpacking in real time, don’t forget to utilize Able Moving & Storage for all of your moving and storage needs. Even if you’ve just finished moving, it’s never a bad idea to have reliable, affordable, and efficient movers in the back of your mind for your next relocation. Check out Able Moving & Storage’s amazing services here.

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