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Out of State Moving Checklist: How to be Prepared

If you’re looking to tackle an out-of-state move, know that though it is obviously possible to make your entire experience smooth and stress-free, a lot more preparation and planning needs to take place in order to make your move a successful one.

Any long-distance move requires a lot of organization and early planning so that your moving and delivery day can go smoothly, and so that you and your moving crew are kept on track and not left scrambling at the last minute. If you’re in the beginning stages of planning a long-distance relocation and aren’t sure where to start in the planning process, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a complete out-of-state moving checklist that will set you up for success in your entire operation.

Why Use Long-Distance Movers?

Before getting into what you need to do for a successful long-distance move, let’s discuss the importance of having the right moving company by your side for a relocation of this sort of scope. Because out-of-state moving can be such a large undertaking, you need to ensure you’ve got the right tools and plan in place so you have your timeline situated and have things as handled as possible. The best way to keep a realistic timeline and keep yourself as stress-free as possible is by working with the right long-distance moving company.

If you’re not convinced you need long-distance movers to aid in your move, think of the distance you’ll need to cover with all of your household items, and how much of an ordeal long-distance moving can be when trying to not only pack and move all of your items, while also moving with family and pets. It quickly becomes too much for one or two people to handle by themselves.

If you’re worried about the cost of hiring movers for your relocation, when compared with the cost of moving long-distances with truck rental companies, the cost comes out to be much more comparable than you’d think – not to mention the time, stress, and effort you’re saving by letting professional movers take care of your entire process for you. When taking in account all of the perks to using a professional moving company for your relocation instead of moving yourself, it becomes very clear that it’s very worth it to employ professional services for your out-of-state move.

Your Out-of-State Moving Checklist

  • Find the Right Out-of-State Moving Company

Always make sure to check online reviews, talk to friends and family about their moving experiences, and always look up your prospective company’s licenses, accreditations, and insurance when looking for the right moving company for you.

  • Set a Moving Budget

Set a moving budget for your relocation so you don’t overspend or get overcharged for services. This will also let you factor in a buffer so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses popping up.

  • Take an Inventory of Your Home

Take an inventory of your household items and figure out what you’re taking with you and what you’ll be getting rid of. For the stuff you’re keeping, take note of the item and its condition to keep track of it.

  • Begin Packing

If you’re not using packing services from your full-service movers, try to source free or low-cost packing materials from friends, family, or local businesses for your move. You can also look for free boxes and other materials on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Prepare Your Trip

The final step in your process is to prepare yourself and your family for your separate journey to your new home. Pack stuff to keep with you for the first week or so at your new home while you wait for your items to arrive, and coordinate travel plans.

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