Southern New Hampshire Movers Searching for Local Farmer’s Markets

Welcome Back! Able Moving & Storage has been sharing ideas the last couple of weeks for how to help Southern New Hampshire Movers connect to the communities that they will be moving to in the near future.  These quiet months are a good time to dream about what is coming up. A move is always easier when you can look forward to things about where you are going.

Recently when speaking to Southern New Hampshire Movers about what helps them feel at home and connected to a new community, we heard about the importance of farming communities and the availability of locally grown food. It makes perfect sense that one of the things that helps us connect with community is connecting with the growers and products that come from local sources. So while looking ahead, you might enjoy researching what is locally available in your area.

We here at Able Moving & Storage found two useful resources for looking up local farming.  We found that at, you can simply put in your zip code and get connected to Community Supported Agriculture, Small family farms, Food Coops, and Farmer’s Markets. It is quick and easy and provides a lot of information on all the local farming businesses that are located in your future home community.

Another great resource for Southern New Hampshire Movers who are searching for local farming communities is the USDA National Farmers Market Directory. Here you can find one of the most comprehensive listing of farmer’s markets across the country. They update regularly and often for the most accurate information. Again it is as easy as putting in your zip code and then you are on your way to connecting with farming in your future community.

Check back next week where we will be sharing more ideas for feeling at home in a new community. It is all about home at Able Moving & Storage. We want to help our Southern New Hampshire Movers gets there.

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