Planning an International Move, Made Easy

It’s time for a move, and you’re making a big, bold choice – moving internationally! Although the task may feel daunting, you’re unlocking a world of possibilities, full of new experiences and incredible adventures in a brand new place. Once you make the decision to move overseas, you have a to-do list full of tasks to complete before you get on the plane and arrive at your new destination. Interested in learning the most important steps to turn your international moving dreams into a reality? Keep reading!

  1. Get your documents together

One of the biggest parts of moving internationally is making sure you have all the documents you need organized and ready to go. Without the necessary documents, you can run into various issues overseas, so it’s best to be completely prepared and make sure you know exactly what’s required of you far in advance of when you leave.

First and foremost, make sure you have your passport ready to go, and double-check that it isn’t expiring any time soon. If it’s due to expire soon, make sure to get it renewed with ample time. If you do not currently have a passport, apply for your passport as far in advance as you can. Applications and renewals both take anywhere from 8 to 11 weeks. If you absolutely need to expedite the process, you can pay for a faster turnaround, but it will still take 5 to 7 weeks to complete.

Next, you will need documentation for your new country, either in the form of a visa or citizenship. These processes all vary by country, so you will need to check specifically with your destination’s government and policies for extensive details. Regardless, these different categories can be determined by what you plan to do while there. If you will work or go to school, you will need a work visa or a student visa, respectively. If you’re planning on staying there permanently, you’ll need to start the citizenship process. Again, the steps are all unique depending on the country.

You’ll also need to have any important documents with you. This list includes:

    • Birth certificate
    • Driver’s license
    • Marriage certificate
    • Social security card
    • Insurance card
    • Medical records

Of course, the list of documents you may want to bring or even be required to bring is much longer than what we’ve presented above. You’ll want to check what’s required in the country you’re relocating to.

  1. Find an international moving company

Next, you’ll undoubtedly need to find a way to get all your belongings (or at least your most crucial ones) to your new location. International relocation services can help you in this department so you’re not left to your own devices. Start off (again, as far in advance as possible) by searching for professional movers who work internationally, and make sure they work in your destination country. You can receive free quotes from these companies. You’ll want to get quotes from a few different services to make sure you receive the best price possible.

Another important part of finding the moving company for your move is to investigate reviews for these services. Browse online, and make sure you’ll be investing in a reliable company that has successfully moved customers for years without major issues, such as items being broken or missing. The more experienced the company is, the more expertise they can provide for you during your move.

If you’re looking to complete this search even quicker, look no further than Able Moving & Storage. Able has helped countless customers move internationally with their valuable experience and trusted professionals.

  1. Declutter your items

To decrease the amount of items you need to bring with you, decluttering before an international move is a wise choice. Not only will this cut costs, but it will make your life so much easier. Packing can be a hassle no matter how far you’re moving, so reducing the amount of time you spend sorting everything into boxes and suitcases can be a crucial part of the process.

You may be relocating some furniture with you during your move. In that case, make sure you’re only bringing things that are worth the cost of the moving process. Otherwise, you may have better luck selling furniture and purchasing new items once you arrive at your destination.

In any case, you’ll want to sort your things depending on if you will donate, sell, throw away, or keep. Items with significant value, understandably, will be worth the effort of selling, whether through an online marketplace or to people you know locally. If you believe it will be more difficult (and thus, more of a hassle) to sell certain items, opting to donate to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army may be your best bet to rehome some belongings. Otherwise, some items – perhaps long since forgotten or not in the best condition – can be thrown in the trash to make room for better items in your new place.

  1. Contact the right people

Other than personal connections who you will be notifying about your move, there are many places that you will be obligated to contact. The following organizations and agencies will need to be notified:

    • United States Postal Service
    • IRS
    • DMV
    • Your insurance provider(s)
    • Social Security Administration
    • United States Embassy
    • Your bank(s)

Besides these places, you will also need to reach out to your utility services and any other subscriptions or service providers to let them know when you will need to discontinue usage. This applies for any move, whether it’s national or international, and is important to take care of so you can avoid any outstanding bills or unexpected fees.

Additionally, it’s best to contact your doctor and insurance provider to figure out what to do regarding any medication you take. Preparing for these types of necessities is an important part of getting ready for your move.

  1. Book your travel itinerary

Finally, ensure that you have your travel plans fully figured out so you can avoid any stress when it’s time to go. Of course, you’ll need to book your flight. Add bags to your ticket before the day of travel so you can decrease your time figuring out baggage checking at the airport. You will also want to check how to get from the airport to your new home ahead of time. Whether this means using a ride-share service or taxi, taking a bus or train, or renting a car, it’s best to be prepared, especially if you’ll be in a country where you aren’t fluent in the native language.

If you’re renting or buying but you can’t move in on the exact day you arrive, book lodging far ahead of time, and confirm your reservation before leaving as well. Try to familiarize yourself with the area you’ll be in so you can know what’s around you in case you need anything – or just to explore the local fun and fare!

Time for your international move!

With these important details worked out, it’s time to head to your new adventure. By preparing what you can in advance, you’ll be able to enjoy the process more and stress a lot less. For your international moving needs, turn to Able Storage & Moving, and find out how Able’s services can make your move as effortless as possible.

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