New Hampshire Movers-ID Pets Before You Move

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the third week in April is National Pet ID week. This prompted us here at Able Moving & Storage to remind our New Hampshire movers to have your pet identification updated immediately upon arrival. It is a good idea to prepare at least a collar tag before you get there so you can place the updated tag on your pet when you arrive in your new home.

For New Hampshire movers traveling a long distance with your pet, it is also a good idea to get a temporary tag that you place alongside the regular tag on the collar with the location of the places you plan to stop and stay along the way. This is a good idea for regular traveling as well.

You can visit American Humane Society for tips on Identification Tags and Microchips. You will need to pick up your pets veterinary records shortly before you move. This would be a good time to bring up pet identification options with your veterinarian. Also, do not forget to research ahead to find a new veterinarian so that you are prepared with that contact upon arrival. You can call ahead, introduce yourself and ask questions about your pet moving to the new environment.

Moving can be a bit disorienting or stressful for your pet. They may respond to the move by running and hiding somewhere outside in the new unknown environment. Please protect your furry family friend with proper pet identification. Check back next week for tips for New Hampshire movers on helping your pet have a stress-free move. At Able Moving & Storage, we are all about your stress-free move. That goes for your pets too!

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