May is National Moving Month!

May is National Moving Month. This month kicks off the busiest moving season of the year. Able Moving & Storage is committed to providing a smooth move for our movers in Southern New Hampshire.

It can be overwhelming and time consuming for movers in Southern New Hampshire when weeding through the lists of Southern New Hampshire moving companies in order to choose the right mover. How do you know that you are selecting a trustworthy Southern New Hamphire mover? There are imposter moving companies out there who are in business only to cheat you out of your money and a quality service experience. It is all too easy for these con artists to put up what appears to be a professional website and capture your attention and business.

Able Moving & Storage is proud to be a certified ProMover. The ProMover program was designed in 2009 by AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) to protect moving consumers from fraudulent moving companies. As a ProMover, Able Moving & Storage takes the stress out of choosing a trusted and legitimate Southern New Hampshire moving company.

Under ProMover’s requirements “members who apply for ProMover status are screened for any felony convictions of the company’s owners, officers or majority stockholders regarding matters over which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the Surface Transportation Board (STB) or any state consumer protection agency has jurisdiction; verification of company ownership with the appropriate state corporation commission; a review of each applicant’s website for improper advertising, and a “satisfactory” or better rating by the Better Business Bureau.  Each new applicant must also complete a signatory agreement attesting it will comply with FMCSA and STB regulations and uphold the AMSA Code of Ethics.”

As National Moving Month kicked off, the US Transportation Secretary and other officials urged consumers to Always Choose a ProMover. Read about the recommendations made by these officials and AMSA at a Houston news conference on May 1, 2013 in this article.

Movers in New Hampshire need peace of mind when making the right choice for their Southern New Hampshire move. We at  Able Moving & Storage can offer that peace of mind as a proud certified ProMover. Get started with Able today and we’ll provide your trusted stress-free move!  Good luck this moving season!

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