Last Minute Moving Hacks

Find yourself having to move last minute? Whether you’re moving due to a company relocation, a new job opportunity, a change in housing situation or not wanting to renew your lease, or just not wanting to live where you’re living anymore, there are a bunch of reasons as to why you might find yourself having to move in less than a month. Having such a short amount of time to get yourself, your items, and anyone else in your household relocated can be a really stressful prospect, but we assure you it’s very doable. From moving company booking to organizing your items, we’ve got some great hacks to keep you organized and set up for a successful move, no matter the time frame.

Book Moving Companies or Rental ASAP

Especially during the height of moving season, a lot of moving services or rental truck companies can be booked solid well ahead of time. As soon as you find out where you’re headed, book your moving or rental services to make sure you can get your items where they need to go.

Declutter & Take an Inventory

It’s important not to make your move more complicated or cluttered than it has to be. Go through your home or room and clear out any items that you don’t use or need, and either donate, sell, give away, or throw them out! Don’t make yourself pack things you don’t need. For your remaining items, organize them and keep similar items together so they can be packed accordingly.

Get Your Materials

Now that you’ve narrowed down what you need, head to your moving service or rental truck service to purchase boxes or other packing materials. Alternatively, you can also utilize professional packing services. Short on cash? Ask around to local businesses or family or friends for boxes or materials you can reuse.

Take It Little By Little

When packing, you want to start with decorative or nonessential items first, and pack from there. Take it room by room, and keep everything labelled and organized.

No matter where you might find yourself relocating, any move can be stressful – especially when you’re in a time frame crunch. However, if you time things correctly, take a little at a time, and stay organized, you’ll be able to pull off any move in no time. Good luck and don’t forget that with these tips, you’ve set yourself up for success. Happy moving, and don’t forget to call Able Moving with any relocation service needs that you require.

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