How to Have the Best Move Possible in Winter

Moving in the winter isn’t the most popular time of the year to move for a reason – it’s cold! However, that doesn’t mean people still aren’t moving during that time of year. As fall continues and you find yourself having to start the planning stages of your upcoming winter move, you know exactly what we’re talking about. If the weather holds up, there actually isn’t a ton more to consider with a winter move than a summer move besides keeping warm. If you’re feeling a little trepidation surrounding your winter move, however, don’t worry! We’ve got the biggest things to factor in on moving day to make sure things run smoothly.

Don’t go into a winter move with no preparation! To have the best move possible in the colder months, read below to make sure your moving day is as stress free as possible. 

Stay Warm, No Matter What the Weather

The most important thing to make sure is covered when moving in the cold weather, oddly enough, is you! Don’t be tempted to wear lighter jacket or clothes that allow you to move around a little more freely – if it’s cold, wear a proper coat! Unpacking is going to be a lot worse if you have a cold! Also, make sure the heat is still on at your current address on moving day, and make sure it’s on at your new location, as well (if you can). Staying warm and taking proper precautions is your top priority. 

Be Responsible and Pace Yourself

Don’t rush back and forth during your move, no matter what the weather is. This is especially important however, when dealing with potentially icy, snowy, or slushy conditions. Pace yourself, take breaks and keep warm, and most of all, be careful!

Be Prepared and Have a Plan B

You never know what kind of weather you can run into during a winter move, so it’s important to be prepared for anything. Have a shovel, ice pick, or salt ready to go to keep yourself, your items, and your vehicles safe from any ice or snowfall. Additionally, if you get hit with a rather inconvenient snowstorm, make sure to have a backup moving date picked out in advance in case of the worst. 

Don’t let yourself get intimidated by the thought of having to move during the winter – it’s still just a move after all. Is there ever actually an ideal weather for moving? Probably not. Though moving amidst the cold, ice, or snow, isn’t exactly ideal, as long as you stay organized and are prepared for anything, you really have nothing to worry about. By being properly prepared, you’re setting yourself up for success – no matter where you’re headed or what the weather might end up being. Happy moving!

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