Donate Food Before You Move

Able Moving & Storage would like to remind our Nashua/Manchester/Merrimack Movers that as they are preparing for their upcoming move, food storage items can weigh a lot and increase the cost of your move. Why not lighten your move load and donate your excess food items to your local food bank?

This time of year it is easy for Nashua/Manchester/Merrimack movers to find places to donate food. There are donation drop-offs in many area stores, churches, school etc. Also you can check out Feeding America to find a local food bank that may accept your food donation or direct you on where you can drop it off.

So why not pack up your food and drop it where it is most needed instead of loading it onto the move truck? Lighten your move load to save moving costs and help feed those in need. It’s a perfect match. We here at Able Moving & Storage wish all of our Nashua/Manchester/Merrimack movers a warm and bountiful Thanksgiving.

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