• Move Planning Guide-to help you move with ease

    It is National Move month and we at Able Moving & Storage know that we’re coming into our busiest Southern New Hampshire move season. If you know you are moving in the near future, chances are it will be during this busy move season. As your trusted Southern New Hampshire moving company, Able Moving & Storage would like to share some planning tips to help you prepare for your upcoming Southern New Hampshire move.

    There is much to organize before a household relocation. Able Moving & Storage, your Southern New Hampshire moving company, is pleased to offer our Move Planning Guide to get you started and keep you going with confidence and peace of mind. Click Here to read more. The Move Planning Guide breaks down your Southern New Hampshire move process over the months and weeks leading up to your move- all the way up to your actual move day so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with all the details all at once. You can rest knowing you thought of everything.  Our plain and simple moving plan includes everything from how and when to contact your Southern New Hampshire moving company, packing up, lightening your move load of unwanted items, changing your prescriptions and address and much much more.

    Able Moving & Storage is the Southern New Hampshire moving company that cares about our Southern New Hampshire move customers. Let us help take the stress out of your Southern New Hampshire move. We will be there for you every step of the way….all the way to your new front door.

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  • Moving Fraud Protection

    Earlier this month, we shared the importance of choosing a ProMover when choosing your Southern New Hampshire moving company. Able Moving & Storage is a ProMover with the credentials that help you to know that you have found the Southern New Hampshire moving company that will provide an honest stress-free move.

    Another fabulous resource for ensuring that you are making the right choice and going with reputable movers is the Moving Fraud Protection Checklist provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  We encourage our Southern New Hampshire movers to visit the site to gather valuable information to assist you in your choice for an honest and professional Southern New Hampshire moving company.

    Reading up on customer testimonials is another way to research your Southern New Hampshire moving company.  Able Moving & Storage invites you to read what our customers have to say about our expert move service. You want to choose a mover that others would choose time and time again because they have proven their professional capabilities to them through actual experience.

    As National Moving Month comes to a close, we at Able Moving & Storage wish you all the best in making the right choice for your Southern New Hampshire moving company. We would be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

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  • National Safety Month, Lower Stress=Lower Chance for Moving Accidents

    June is National Safety Month. There are many areas of our lives that can be looked at to ensure our safety.   At Able Moving & Storage Moving & Storage, we would like to share tips and ideas for keeping our Southern New Hampshire movers thinking about the safety of their families and possessions as they prepare to move and throughout the move process.

    We know that Southern New Hampshire movers have countless details on their minds when preparing for their big Southern New Hampshire move day. Most experts agree that more accidents happen under stress. It is also a known fact that moving is one of the top stressful life changes that a person can go through. So most important in keeping safe during your move process is keeping your stress level as low as possible.  That is why we are dedicating our first installment of Safety Month to lowering your stress throughout your move process.

    The best way to lower your stress during a move is by hiring a local reputable Southern New Hampshire mover to handle all of your packing and shipping. We wrote about how to ensure you are choosing the right Southern New Hampshire mover in our blog this past May. We invite you to go back and read those tips. Able Moving & Storage Moving & Storage is dedicated to delivering your stress-free move. We supply all the proper safety equipment and employ the safest moving industry practices to get your belongings to your new home – safe and secure. You can ease your mind and rest assured that your move will be in safe hands when you trust Able Moving & Storage Moving & Storage for your moving and packing service.

    Once you take care of choosing the right Southern New Hampshire mover to handle your stress free move, it’s time to think about your personal needs through the process. What can you do to help lower your stress and therefore lower your chance for accident or injury during your move process?

    Create a move plan to reduce your stress.  If you create a move plan, and follow your plan closely each step of the way, you may be surprised at how much it simplifies tasks, avoids last minute crisis, and reduces the stress of juggling multiple tasks and “to-dos” in your head. Simply write out what needs to be done week by week through your move process. You will be organized and efficient and ready for each task as it comes up helping you to feel centered and calm.

    In addition, we found some great tips here at Reduce Moving Stress. We hope you’ll check it out.

    You know yourself better than anyone though, so perhaps you can make a list of your own techniques for keeping you calm during your move process. What works for you when you are under stress?  Make a list. Put it where you can see it and then make a commitment to give yourself the time needed to implement your stress reducing activities. It may make all the difference in keeping your move process safe for you and your family.

    Remember, during one of the most stressful times of your life, you can handle that stress with the support of a professional Southern New Hampshire mover and implement simple tips and ideas that will help you remain calm and centered through the process. Keep safe during your move process. Lower your chance of accidents while packing and moving. Be proactive by managing your stress level. Keep this in mind from the moment you decide to move.

    In the next few weeks we will further reflect on Southern New Hampshire mover safety during National Safety Month so check back for more tips and ideas for your safe Southern New Hampshire move.

    Stay tuned and keep safe!
    Able Moving & Storage Moving & Storage, we deliver your stress-free move!

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  • Move Packing Safety

    Welcome back for our second installment of move safety tips in honor of National Safety Month. Last week we discussed keeping your stress low to avoid accidents during the move process. Able Moving and Storage hopes we got our movers in Southern New Hampshire thinking about their well-being during the move process. This week we turn our attention to packing safety.

    When packing up your belongings prior to your move, you want to consider your safety, your family’s safety and the safety of your items. Able Moving and Storage would like to offer a simple check list for helping movers in Southern New Hampshire with this.

    1. Proper packing equipment-Strong sturdy boxes are a must to avoid accidents involving items falling out the bottom.  You also want to avoid boxes that may collapse at the sides while carrying them which may cause you to lose your footing. Able Moving and Storage can provide you with high quality boxes, supplies and moving kits to ensure you have the best material for packing up your goods. Call us for more information.
    2. Check your environment for hazards-Before moving boxes, check to make sure the floor and surrounding area is clear of anything you could trip or slip on such as cords, toys, wet slippery spots, etc.
    3. Box weight– Consider that you may have to carry boxes up and down stairs. You should be able to lift your box without strain while remaining sturdy and strong on your feet. To avoid injury, do not over-pack with too much weight. You know your strength. Don’t overdo it!
    4. Healthy lifting-Avoid strain on your back; do not bend over to lift a box.  Instead, squat balancing your upper body weight over your hips and lift using your leg strength keeping your back straight as you stand. Also have a dolly with straps for moving and stacking your boxes. Also be sure to wear good strong sturdy footwear to support you and give you proper footing.
    5. Family safety-Keep small children and pets safely away from the packing area. You don’t want tape cutters falling into the wrong hands or a stack of boxes that look like a fun place to climb and explore.
    6. Protect your belongings-You want your items to have the best chance of arriving at your new home intact. Please Read HereOur Packing Help page for the best ideas and tips for packing up every room in the house.  Of course, Able Moving and Storage is available to help movers in Southern New Hampshire with any part of packing. We can pack everything for you or just certain items of high value. We will meticulously wrap your belongings with the utmost care to ensure maximum protection.

    Pack safely and be safe! Our next installment will feature safety on move day. We hope you’ll come back for more move safety tips.  Movers in Southern New Hampshire can trust Able Moving and Storage to provide a safe move.

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  • Moving Day Safety

    We here at Able Moving & Storage have been focusing on National Safety Month this June by providing our movers in Southern New Hampshire with tips and ideas for keeping safe through the move process.  The first week we shared our ideas for keeping your stress levels down during the move process to avoid accidents. The second week we discussed move packing safety. This week our movers in Southern New Hampshire will find safety tips for actual move day.
    So you are all packed up and getting ready for your Southern New Hampshire movers to arrive and transport your belongings to your new home.  It is a very exciting time with many mixed emotions involved. It would be easy to forget something. Able Moving & Storage can help!

    • First you want to make arrangements for your pets and small children. It is all too easy for them to get hurt or even lost out an open door. Arrange for a baby sitter or pet sitter who can focus solely on their safety. You will be very busy and having a sitter ensures that someone is constantly looking after and caring for your pets and children while you tend to the details of moving. Pack a bag containing all their needs and leave it with the sitter.
    • Put together a bag or two of your personal travel items and keep it clearly away from everything that will be loaded onto the moving van.  Take all high valuable items with you such as jewelry, coins, important papers etc.  A first aid kit is a must and should be easily accessible at all times. Consider packing a roll of toilet paper for both ends of your move, plenty of water and healthy snacks.
    • Inspect the entire area for hazards that would potentially cause an accident. Inspect the floors for loose items and cords. Check all doorways and walkways outside the home for obstructions. Look for low hanging branches that could get in the way of your moving team.
    • Dress properly and use sunscreen and bug repellant.  Wear sturdy shoes and check the weather ahead of time to dress appropriately.
    • Always have your cell phones on hand both for communicating with your movers and your care givers as well as for an emergency.

    Movers in Southern New Hampshire can find a library filled with more great moving safety tips to help cover all the bases on our move resources page. Be sure to check back with Able Moving & Storage next week. We will give our movers in Southern New Hampshire safety tips for arriving in your new homes.  Safe Moving!

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  • New Home Safety

    This month Able Moving & Storage has been taking Southern New Hampshire movers step by step through the moving process with safety specifically in mind. June is National Safety Month and Able Moving & Storage wants to help our Southern New Hampshire movers keep safe.  We have discussed reducing stress to avoid accidents, packing safety, and move day safety.  This week we will cover your new home safety.
    You have arrived! You have much to do to settle into your new space and call it home. Your Southern New Hampshire movers have carefully placed your belongings and you are ready to live here. Time to make your new home safe for you and your family.  You will want to look after a few things as soon as you arrive to ensure a safe space.

    • Look over the home and property for anything that could potentially be unsafe. Things like nails on the ground, frayed wires, uneven pavements or even trees hanging over the home or utility wires.
    • Check all of your fire alarms to make sure they are in good working order. Replace batteries if necessary. Have every member of your household hear a test example of the alarms so that they are familiar with and will recognize the sound as the fire alarm.
    • Develop a fire escape plan for every member of your family. You will want to do this before sleeping there on the very first night. You want your family very familiar with where to go and what to do in the event of a fire. Each member of your household should be aware of two ways to escape a fire.
    • Have a carbon monoxide detector.
    • Make sure all of the home doors and windows lock and the locks work. Consider changing the door locks as an extra home security measure. If the home doesn’t have a security system, you may want to look into that.
    • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Neighbors look after one another. Make sure you exchange phone numbers in case of emergencies.

    We found a fabulous Home Safety Checklist on Real Simple and invite you to check it out for many other safety tips. It is especially good to read through if you are moving into your very first home and not used to thinking about the many home safety considerations. We’re glad you found us here during National Safety Month. We hope you’ll stop back time and time again for all our Move news. We here at Able Moving & Storage wish our Southern New Hampshire movers a happy, healthy, and safe future in their new homes.

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  • Cool Moving Facts for a Hot July

    Here we are in the middle of the warmest month of the year. It’s a hot July. Movers in Southern New Hampshire are looking for ways to keep cool and calm as they prepare and carry out their Southern New Hampshire move. We here at Able Moving & Storage do not have control of the weather, but we would like to offer a time out from the heat of the day to offer some COOL moving facts with our movers in  Southern New Hampshire.

    Fact #1-The moving industry took hold in the 1800s surrounding the expansion of the railroad system. The first specialized horse drawn moving wagons were introduced at the turn of the century.

    Fact #2-Hiring a local moving company to handle your move can cost less than renting a truck and moving yourself.  At Able Moving & Storage, we cover labor, packing, insurance and transportation including gas and tolls. It really adds up when you cover the entire moving process yourself.

    Fact #3-According to the US Census Bureau, the average American will move 11.7 times over a life-time. We are proud to report that many of our customers choose us again and again for their moving and storage needs.
    Fact #4-43 million Americans move each year. That is the same number of people that enjoyed camping in 2011. That is a lot of movers and campers! Are you camping this summer to stay cool?

    Fact #5 According to the Employee Relocation Council, moving is the third most stressful life event following death of a loved one and divorce. At Able Moving & Storage, we feel that it doesn’t have to be. We pride ourselves on delivering a stress-free move.

    Fact #6-Ok, this one is not a moving fact but we just had to include it! In 1984 President Reagan announced July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day. Movers in Southern New Hampshire, why not take a cool break from all things moving and enjoy an ice cream?

    At Able Moving & Storage we are dedicated to providing all the support and resources our movers in Southern New Hampshire need to ensure you keep your cool during your move. Enjoy that ice cream!

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  • Move Service Discounts For Seniors

    Moving can be expensive. You want to make sure that you are keeping your costs down as you go through the process.  One of the ways we at Able Moving & Storage  suggest our Southern New Hampshire moving customers can  lower their move costs is by lightening the move load and donating and recycling as much as possible before move day. We featured many ideas and resources for donating and recycling in our April blogs in support of National Recycling Month.

    There are other ways to save. Did you know that there are often move service discounts offered to special groups? As your affordable Southern New Hampshire moving company, Able Moving & Storage offers money saving discounts to Seniors who are moving long distance. These savings can really add up and get you where you need to be with your move budget.

    Seniors 50+ Program
    As a proud Arpin agent, Able Moving & Storage is pleased to offer the Arpin 50+ Program for our Southern New Hampshire movers over the age of 50 who are planning a long distance move. Services include:

    •  Complimentary Mini Packing Container Kit-Upon request, we will provide you with a “mini” packing container kit at no charge to you. This kit consists of up to 12 various size packing boxes (not to include mattress boxes) plus a roll of tape.
    •  Complimentary “First Night” Unpacking Service-We provide you with complimentary “First Night” unpacking at no cost to include: 3 containers of any size (except mattress cartons), 1 dresser mirror carton, and complete unpacking and set up of 2 beds of any size (excludes waterbeds and canopies).
    •  Discounted Valuation Protection-Protecting your possessions is a critical part of your move and the chief responsibility of a respectable Southern New Hampshire moving company. Our 50+ Program also provides a thirty percent (30%) discount off of our Full Replacement Value Protection Coverage (with zero deductible). This represents a considerable savings to our 50+ Program participants.

    *Proof of age of one household member moving is required.

    If you have any other questions about our 50+ Program or are ready to take advantage of it, simple contact us. We would love to hear from you.

    We have other special discounts we look forward to telling our readers about. Check back next week for more ways to save.  Able Moving & Storage is the affordable Southern New Hampshire moving company dedicated to providing you with expert move services to fit your budget.

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  • Move Discounts for Veterans

    At Able Moving & Storage, we are always looking for ways to help our movers in Southern New Hampshire to keep their total move costs down. We know that moving your lifelong belongings long distance can really add up. Last week we shared about our Move Discounts for Seniors 50 + moving long distance. We also provide Veteran discounts on long distance moves for our movers in Southern New Hampshire.

    Veterans’ Program
    Able Moving & Storage participates in the Arpin Van Lines’ Veterans’ Program. The Veterans’ Program is designed specifically for those who proudly served our country. This program provides for complimentary products and services, as well as special discounts on long distance moving for movers in Southern New Hampshire including:

    •  A reduction of 20% off of any full valuation declaration.
    •  A mini packing kit of up to 15 various size packing boxes (not to include mattress boxes), plus a roll of tape.
    •  Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates—subject to a 4,000 pound minimum shipment weight.
    •  If storage-in-transit needed, 1 free day for every 2 days paid (excluding the first-day charges)

    In order to qualify for the Veterans’ Program, one member of the customer’s household must have served in a branch of the U.S. Military or the U.S. National Guard. A retired Military ID, Form DD214, or a membership card in a military veterans’ organization must be furnished as verification and provided to the agent prior to the signing of an Order for Service.

    Taking advantage of our Veteran’s Program if it applies to you, can save you a substantial amount on your long distance moving costs. We are proud of and look forward to serving our US Veterans. If you have any questions or are ready to take advantage of our Veteran’s Program, simple contact us.

    Check back next week as Able Moving & Storage continues with ways movers in Southern New Hampshire can save on moving costs.

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  • AAA Member and Corporate Employee Move Discounts

    Able Moving & Storage is committed to providing affordable move rates for our Southern New Hampshire movers. The last two weeks we shared information on special discounts for seniors and veterans for long distance moves.  Here are two other possibilities for long distance move discounts.

    AAA Member Moving Discounts and Services
    Able Moving & Storage are the Southern New Hampshire movers that provide special rates and value-added moving services for members of the American Automobile Association (AAA). If you are a member of the AAA, ask us about our special discounts.

    Corporate Employee Discounts
    Able Moving & Storage is an Arpin agent. Arpin is a nationally recognized moving service provider serving the corporate relocation needs of relocating employees from many of the nation’s largest employers and regionally-based companies. If you are an employee of an organization that has a relocation program with Arpin, you may be eligible for special savings on your Southern New Hampshire move. Ask about our employee discounts and save!

    You cannot afford not to contact Able Moving & Storage as your Southern New Hampshire movers.  With special long distance move discounts for seniors, Veterans, AAA Members and participating Corporate Employees, you can’t beat the savings. Able Moving & Storage is committed to delivering your affordable move!

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