Benefits of Living in Amherst, NH 

A little city called Amherst, New Hampshire is located in Hillsborough County. The city is famed for its beautiful beauty, antique town, top-notch seminaries, and drinking neighborhood. 

This composition will explain what makes Amherst an excellent place to live, whether you are considering moving there or are simply interested in the advantages of doing so. 

  • Natural Beauty 

Amherst’s natural beauty is one of its main draws. Rich forests, undulating hills, and lovely farmland surround the town. It’s a fantastic location for biking, hiking, and leisurely strolls. The town is also close to a number of state parks, including the well-known Miller State Park and Pawtuckaway State Park, which both provide plenty of options for outdoor activity. 

  • Beautiful Town 

Amherst features a nice town area with a variety of businesses, beaneries, and other installations. The ancient Boston Post Road, which has been in nonstop use since the 18th century, runs through the city center. The town area is an excellent place to spend autumn because it’s walkable and has lovely old structures. 

  • Outstanding Schools 

Some of New Hampshire’s top academic institutions are located in Amherst. In both state and federal rankings, the public school system in the town consistently receives outstanding marks. Moreover, the region is home to a number of private schools, notably the highly acclaimed Souhegan High School. 

  • Friendly Neighborhood 

Amherst exhibits a strong feeling of community through its numerous community activities and organizations. The community holds a farmers’ market, a fall festival, and a Fourth of July parade every year. 

A number of neighborhood groups, such as the Amherst History Society and the Amherst Garden Club, offer chances for locals to become engaged and meet their neighbors. 

  • Amherst relocation 

Working with a reliable moving company is important if you’re thinking of moving to Amherst, New Hampshire. A top-rated moving firm, Able Moving & Storage has been providing its services to the Amherst, New Hampshire neighborhood for more than 30 years. In addition to local and long-distance transfers, they also provide storage options, packing, and unpacking services.  

  • Convenient Location 

Amherst is accessibly close to a number of important metropolises and sightseer destinations. The city is also fluently accessible to well-liked ski resorts in New Hampshire and Vermont, as well as strands on the New Hampshire and Maine beachfronts. It takes only 20 twinkles to travel to Nashua, New Hampshire, and takes lower than an hour to drive to Boston, Massachusetts. 

  • Low Rate of Crime 

Compared to other communities in New Hampshire and the US, Amherst has a low crime rate. Considering this, it’s a secure and safe terrain to live, work, and raise a family. 

  • A robust frugality 

Amherst has a robust frugality with a wide range of enterprises and diligence. Multitudinous significant employers are grounded in the area, including BAE Systems, the biggest defense contractor in New Hampshire. Also, the region is home to many small enterprises and startups, which presents several chances for invention and entrepreneurship. 

  • Exceptional Healthcare 

The Elliot Hospital in Manchester and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon are two of the best hospitals and healthcare institutions that are close to Amherst. This guarantees that locals may obtain top-notch healthcare when they need it. 

  • Active Way of Life 

Amherst has lots of options for leading an active lifestyle. The town boasts several parks and sports fields in addition to the outdoor recreation options, as well as a community center with a pool, fitness center, and other amenities. 

Amherst has much to offer whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or you just want to stay active. Still, New Hampshire, do your exploration and pick a dependable moving company, if you are planning to move to Amherst. 

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