April is National Recycling Month!

In our last blog we talked about holding a yard sale to rid yourself of items you won’t need or want in your new home once you move. This lowers the cost of your move which will be based in part on the weight of your load. We also mentioned donating your potentially heavy dry food goods to a local food pantry. But what do you do with all the things that are not worth resale that you just need to get rid of before your Merrimack move?

Did you know that nearly everything in your home, garage and garden can be recycled? You would be surprised. Instead of ordering and possibly paying for a bulk trash pick up adding to our already over-crowed land fills, why not recycle as much as you can before your move? Again, this helps in lowering the weight of your move by not bringing along more than you will use or need. As a green mover (Read Here about Arpin Green move Initiatives), here at Able Moving & Storage, we love to get our Merrimack move customers thinking about recycling.

When looking at spaces in your home to pack up and prepare for your Merrimack move, especially places such as garden sheds, garages and basements, we often find many items that are not in good enough condition to sell or donate. Think twice before you throw it curbside for trash pick-up. An excellent resource for finding just the right recycling center for your specific items is Earth911.com.

At Earth911 your can find “local recycle solutions” for recycling:

  •  Automotive
  •   Batteries
  •   Construction materials
  •   Electronics
  •   Garden supplies and equipment
  •   Glass
  •   Hazardous materials
  •   Household items
  •   Metal
  •   Paint
  •   Paper
  •  Plastic


You simply fill in your town name and state and the items/items you are looking to get rid of and the site connects you to an organization that will take it. Some things like scrap metal may even earn you a little cash and leave you with very little trash.

Another great source on the web for those who will be downsizing when they move is Downsizing the Home, Lessons Learned. This source is filled with great articles and resources for downsizing and recycling.

Enjoy National Recycling month as you pack up to move and remember at Able Moving & Storage we are here to provide exceptional Merrimack move service and ready to deliver a stress-free move.

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