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    Thank you for visiting our website.  Please come back and visit Able News for the latest news about Able Moving and other useful moving informationWe proudly serve Southern New Hampshire with professional moving services.  Our moving company has over 37 years of proven award winning service.  And as an Arpin Van Line agent we have the global resources and network to help you complete a move anywhere in the United States or around the world.

    Please contact us to learn more.  I am personally available to talk about your moving needs.

    John Nolan
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  • It’s Tax Time! Can you deduct your moving expenses?

    Did you know that certain moving expenses are tax deductible?

    As a Nashua mover, your non-reimbursed moving expenses might be deductible on your tax return if your move is related directly to your work. In addition, if you donate clothes or household items prior to your move, those donations may be deductible as well. Make sure you ask your tax advisor about these possible deductions.

    Whether you moved in the past couple of years or are planning a move this year, accurate and organized record keeping is a must to ensure that you receive all of your eligible moving deductions.

    Time to prepare!  If you are just beginning your move process and you think your expenses may be deductible, begin a file for collecting all of your moving receipts, cancelled checks, credit card statements, bills and a mileage log. Come tax time, you’ll have everything you need in one place. Able Moving and Storage always provides our Nashua movers with the proper receipts and itemized bills for your records.

    Spring is in the air!  That means the start of the move season, and tax time.
    Are you ready for April 15th? Make the most of your move and don’t miss out on one cent of your deductions. The IRS has all the information you need to decide if and what you can deduct. You can find the answers at www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p521.pdf.  Also check in with your accountant to discuss any special circumstances surrounding your work or military move and what other records you may need for filing your move deductions.

    And if this spring is moving season for you, as one the most time-tested Nashua Movers, Able Moving and Storage is ready to help with your moving needs.

    Able Moving and Storage wishes our Nashua movers a Happy Spring!

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  • Yard sale to cut down the cost of moving

    Moving this spring? You might consider holding a yard sale in preparation for your move. Did you know that your Manchester moving costs will in part be determined by the weight of your belongings? Moving is an excellent time to discern what you want to take with you.

    As you sort through and pack up your belongings, you will certainly come up against many items you have outgrown in one way or another.  Consider these questions when deciding what is worth taking along:

    •  Do I have a use for this item in my new home and in this new stage of my life?
    •  Will this fit in my new space?
    •  Have I used this item in the last 2 years?

    If you answer No, why pay to move these items? Yard sales can be fun and earn you cash toward your Manchester moving expenses or new items that you will use and enjoy in your new home. There are many resources on the web for organizing and advertising your yard sale including this great article on TLC-10 Tips for Managing a Moving Sale.

    Another great way to lighten up your Manchester moving freight is by donating your dry food goods. You will save money while helping your local food bank.

    From all of us here at Able Moving and Storage,
    Happy Manchester Moving!

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  • April is National Recycling Month!

    In our last blog we talked about holding a yard sale to rid yourself of items you won’t need or want in your new home once you move. This lowers the cost of your move which will be based in part on the weight of your load. We also mentioned donating your potentially heavy dry food goods to a local food pantry. But what do you do with all the things that are not worth resale that you just need to get rid of before your Merrimack move?

    Did you know that nearly everything in your home, garage and garden can be recycled? You would be surprised. Instead of ordering and possibly paying for a bulk trash pick up adding to our already over-crowed land fills, why not recycle as much as you can before your move? Again, this helps in lowering the weight of your move by not bringing along more than you will use or need. As a green mover (Read Here about Arpin Green move Initiatives), here at Able Moving & Storage, we love to get our Merrimack move customers thinking about recycling.

    When looking at spaces in your home to pack up and prepare for your Merrimack move, especially places such as garden sheds, garages and basements, we often find many items that are not in good enough condition to sell or donate. Think twice before you throw it curbside for trash pick-up. An excellent resource for finding just the right recycling center for your specific items is Earth911.com.

    At Earth911 your can find “local recycle solutions” for recycling:

    •  Automotive
    •   Batteries
    •   Construction materials
    •   Electronics
    •   Garden supplies and equipment
    •   Glass
    •   Hazardous materials
    •   Household items
    •   Metal
    •   Paint
    •   Paper
    •  Plastic


    You simply fill in your town name and state and the items/items you are looking to get rid of and the site connects you to an organization that will take it. Some things like scrap metal may even earn you a little cash and leave you with very little trash.

    Another great source on the web for those who will be downsizing when they move is Downsizing the Home, Lessons Learned. This source is filled with great articles and resources for downsizing and recycling.

    Enjoy National Recycling month as you pack up to move and remember at Able Moving & Storage we are here to provide exceptional Merrimack move service and ready to deliver a stress-free move.

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  • Earth Day April 22, 2013

    With Earth Day coming up on April 22, we at Able Moving & Storage would like to get our movers in Southern New Hampshire thinking about what to do with your outdoor potted plants and houseplants before you move.

    As a general rule, we do not move plants as the inconsistent temperatures, inadequate light and lack of water on a moving van can prove lethal to the plants. So what to do with your houseplants?

    If you will be driving your own vehicle to your new home, you could consider transporting your plants yourself. You can personally tend to their needs and keep a close watch during transportation.  However, be aware that there may be federal regulations when crossing state or country lines with living plants. You need to check ahead to see what regulations there are for the state or country you are moving to. You can contact your new state’s Department of Natural Resources with your questions about moving your plants across a state or country border. Once you have that information, you can begin planning to transport your plants.

    There are many great tips for our movers in Southern New Hampshire to help with transporting your houseplants at About.com-Moving.

    If transporting plants is not an option for our movers in Southern New Hampshire, consider gifting them to friends and family to ensure they go to a good home. It’s the next best thing to taking them with you.

    Earth Day is also a great reminder for gardeners to begin dreaming about what you can grow in and around your new home. Consider subscribing to local nurseries email newsletters in what will be your new community before you move. You can get to know the companies that serve your area and begin dreaming about gardening inside and outside of your new home.

    As an Arpin agent, we here at Able Moving & Storage like to reduce waste, conserve resources and remind our movers in Southern New Hampshire to do the same. Read up about our move recycling tips on our last blog post-April is National Recycling Month

    Happy Earth Day from all of us here at Able Moving & Storage

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  • Donate Books to Lighten Your Moving Load

    This month, we shared ideas for lowering your move costs by lightening your load before moving by taking only what you will need and want in your new home. We also shared resources with Southern New Hampshire movers for holding a yard sale and for recycling household items to also help lower move costs.

    As National Recycling month draws to a close, we here at Able Moving & Storage would like to get our Southern New Hampshire movers thinking about donating their used books. Most of us accumulate piles of books over years and years in our homes. When it comes time to move, we realize there are just too many and they are very heavy.  A large (and heavy) book collection can add significant cost to a long distance move — so donating books can save you money and simplify the settling process at your new home.

    If you are considering book donations, there are organizations such as charities, schools and libraries that would benefit from taking heavy books off the hands of our Southern New Hampshire movers and putting them into the hands of people from all over the world. DonationTown.org is an organization available to help you find homes for your books. This is a fabulous resource for donating books as well as many other household items. They will match you up with a local organization that will pick up your donation right from your home.

    Donate your books! It’s simple and rewarding. You will lighten up your Southern New Hampshire moving load, save in moving costs, and feel great about putting your books in the hands of those who will love them. At Able Moving & Storage, we like to help make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

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  • Moving With Your Pets

    May is National Pet Month. Able Moving & Storage  would like to take this opportunity to provide our Southern New Hampshire movers with information on how to safely move your beloved pets with as little stress to them as possible.

    Pets are members of the family and they too will feel the effects of moving to a new location. There is much to consider in preparing your pets for a move, transporting them and then getting them settled in their new space.

    Pets cannot be moved on a moving van. The best way to transport your pets is to keep them with you as you travel to your new home. Easy when moving across town, but can be difficult if moving to a new state or internationally. If it is impossible to keep your pets with you while traveling to your new home, Able can help our Southern New Hampshire movers by providing the names of companies that specialize in moving your pets.

    If you decide that you will move your pets yourself, you will want to consider their health, comfort, physical needs and the proper equipment needed to move them safely. Petswelcome.com is a fabulous resource for all the things you should consider in planning to move your pets whether they are dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses etc. On this site, Southern New Hampshire movers can also find useful information such as finding pet friendly lodging if your move requires an overnight stay along the way, information about flying with you pets on commercial airlines, help with locating a vet in your new location and countless other informative tips.

    We here at Able Moving & Storage  wish our Southern New Hampshire movers and their furry, feathered and scaled pets a happy and safe move!

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  • May is National Moving Month!

    May is National Moving Month. This month kicks off the busiest moving season of the year. Able Moving & Storage is committed to providing a smooth move for our movers in Southern New Hampshire.

    It can be overwhelming and time consuming for movers in Southern New Hampshire when weeding through the lists of Southern New Hampshire moving companies in order to choose the right mover. How do you know that you are selecting a trustworthy Southern New Hamphire mover? There are imposter moving companies out there who are in business only to cheat you out of your money and a quality service experience. It is all too easy for these con artists to put up what appears to be a professional website and capture your attention and business.

    Able Moving & Storage is proud to be a certified ProMover. The ProMover program was designed in 2009 by AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association) to protect moving consumers from fraudulent moving companies. As a ProMover, Able Moving & Storage takes the stress out of choosing a trusted and legitimate Southern New Hampshire moving company.

    Under ProMover’s requirements “members who apply for ProMover status are screened for any felony convictions of the company’s owners, officers or majority stockholders regarding matters over which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the Surface Transportation Board (STB) or any state consumer protection agency has jurisdiction; verification of company ownership with the appropriate state corporation commission; a review of each applicant’s website for improper advertising, and a “satisfactory” or better rating by the Better Business Bureau.  Each new applicant must also complete a signatory agreement attesting it will comply with FMCSA and STB regulations and uphold the AMSA Code of Ethics.”

    As National Moving Month kicked off, the US Transportation Secretary and other officials urged consumers to Always Choose a ProMover. Read about the recommendations made by these officials and AMSA at a Houston news conference on May 1, 2013 in this article.

    Movers in New Hampshire need peace of mind when making the right choice for their Southern New Hampshire move. We at  Able Moving & Storage can offer that peace of mind as a proud certified ProMover. Get started with Able today and we’ll provide your trusted stress-free move!  Good luck this moving season!

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  • Move Planning Guide-to help you move with ease

    It is National Move month and we at Able Moving & Storage know that we’re coming into our busiest Southern New Hampshire move season. If you know you are moving in the near future, chances are it will be during this busy move season. As your trusted Southern New Hampshire moving company, Able Moving & Storage would like to share some planning tips to help you prepare for your upcoming Southern New Hampshire move.

    There is much to organize before a household relocation. Able Moving & Storage, your Southern New Hampshire moving company, is pleased to offer our Move Planning Guide to get you started and keep you going with confidence and peace of mind. Click Here to read more. The Move Planning Guide breaks down your Southern New Hampshire move process over the months and weeks leading up to your move- all the way up to your actual move day so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed with all the details all at once. You can rest knowing you thought of everything.  Our plain and simple moving plan includes everything from how and when to contact your Southern New Hampshire moving company, packing up, lightening your move load of unwanted items, changing your prescriptions and address and much much more.

    Able Moving & Storage is the Southern New Hampshire moving company that cares about our Southern New Hampshire move customers. Let us help take the stress out of your Southern New Hampshire move. We will be there for you every step of the way….all the way to your new front door.

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  • Moving Fraud Protection

    Earlier this month, we shared the importance of choosing a ProMover when choosing your Southern New Hampshire moving company. Able Moving & Storage is a ProMover with the credentials that help you to know that you have found the Southern New Hampshire moving company that will provide an honest stress-free move.

    Another fabulous resource for ensuring that you are making the right choice and going with reputable movers is the Moving Fraud Protection Checklist provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  We encourage our Southern New Hampshire movers to visit the site to gather valuable information to assist you in your choice for an honest and professional Southern New Hampshire moving company.

    Reading up on customer testimonials is another way to research your Southern New Hampshire moving company.  Able Moving & Storage invites you to read what our customers have to say about our expert move service. You want to choose a mover that others would choose time and time again because they have proven their professional capabilities to them through actual experience.

    As National Moving Month comes to a close, we at Able Moving & Storage wish you all the best in making the right choice for your Southern New Hampshire moving company. We would be happy to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

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